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Who We Are

Specialty Services Security LLC is a privately owned, high risk security provider delivering a wide range of security services to the private and business sectors. We are committed to providing highly effective, professional and focused security services for any need or venue. We specialize in event security, VIP escort, and all aspects of client safety and loss prevention. Our unique ability to hire, train and provide professional staff to deliver exceptional services as well as our ability to tailor our services to your specific needs with a careful, custom approach ensures that your expectations are fully met.


Value Delivered

Peace of mind is what our customers ultimately desire. Understanding the value drivers of our clientele, and a concerted focus on delivering the exact measured level of response is how we differentiate our services from other agencies. Our philosophy is to provide a transparent yet highly effective layer of prevention so that our clients achieve the confidence they are looking for regardless of the level of security demanded. We employ a diverse range of talent ranging from experienced law enforcement personnel to specialized military security force veterans that have specific abilities to assess and deliver on any protection requirement. We pride ourselves in positioning only the best, most courteous and devoted specialists into your event to ensure not only a safe, secure environment, but the added value of personable, tallored service that even your customers will commend.

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Competitive Advantage

Specialty Services Security delivers on the expectations of our clients and is more than just a guard service. We make it our business to understand your business. By integrating our personnel into your operation or activity, and ensuring that we have a complete and thorough understanding of your needs we are able to provide a highly effective level of protection while maintaining a personable atmosphere. Our industry leading level of capable associates coupled with our exceptional level of detail driven focus ensures that any security risk is mitigated to its lowest possible level and that the safety of your staff and customers is at the top of our priorities. We focus first on safety and customer satisfaction, and deliver the best level of force protection required to give you the peace of mind you deserve.


  • ILEA Certified Instructors

  • Handgun/Taser Certified

  • Emergency Vehicle Operations Certified

  • Defensive Tactics Certified

  • Mental Health/Human Trafficking trained

  • CPR/AED Certified

  • CPI Certified

  • Loss Prevention and Risk Management trained

  • All Employees carry US Passports

Company Certifications

  • IAHSS Certified

  • State Licensed

  • All Required Insurance and Liability policies on file

  • BBB Accredited

  • State Certified Instructors

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